Aidan O'Hara

July 2017

Aidan started training me early on this year after attending several of my Insanity classes.

His goal of COMPLETING a

marathon - Something most people wouldn’t dare trying (including myself)

I have never worked with a client before with regards to endurance and Marathon training so this goal of his made me get out my study books once again.

The one thing I was amazed with Aidan was his ability to carry on training and pushing through his injuries in a safe and productive manner.

On some occasions he would go out with a damaged knee but it took the bad cases to make him understand and teach him more about his body than anyone else could. He smashed his marathon in such a short time whilst being on a really difficult vegan plan and married just a few short weeks later to his beautiful wife!



Well done Aidan! I couldn't be any more proud of you! Have a FREE personal training session as a reward for your victory!