FREE initial consultation

When you come to Body and Mind Fitness for your training needs, we like to start with the basics.

That is why we start with a FREE initial assessment to determine your personal goals as well as getting to know you and what your current state of health is.

This is important to every fitness programme you undertake as it gives both a starting point and a benchmark to which we can measure your progress against.

What to expect:


  • General assessment with talks about present health and fitness, target setting, nutrition and dietary needs.

  • Fitness assessment to highlight target training goals

  • Professional Body composition tests to determine your body mass percentage, lean tissue percentage, water intake, BMI and BMR.

  • Circumference measurements to determine your total inches.

  • Cardiovascular physical fitness testing


Not only do we see how you are doing, this assessment also gives you the chance to meet your personal trainer in person before the training begins.

So if you are interested in taking that first step towards completely changing your life click below ↓