Megan Hughes

January 2018


Megan was referred onto me from one of her colleagues, who I also train, back in December 2017. Her colleague did warn me. She said that I would have non stop laughs and so much fun training Megan. And boy was she was right!

Megan has been an absolute delight to train. Despite her many nights out on several weekends and coming into her session slightly hangover with stories to tell, she listens and just get’s it done! I have seen many a change in her attitude towards her training. She becomes more guilty when it comes to missing missing training sessions due to being called into work.


Megan has become a brilliant example of how health and fitness can change your mentality in such a short space of time. She has eclipsed all my clients with this and for this I would like to give her a FREE Personal Training Session. You really do make my day Megan. Keep up the good work. Once again, congratulations!